Trees for Homes...

'Trees for Homes' helps people in Aotearoa grow useful trees in their home gardens. The aim is to empower communities to feed and care for each other by developing a long-term, resilient community resource based on earth care, people care and fair share.

The idea for the 'Trees for Homes' programme was sown during the 2012 Australasian Permaculture Convergence in Turangi. It finally saw the light of day a year later when Vanessa Witt created the 'Trees for Homes' facebook page, bought the domain name and started by giving away some fruit trees from her family nursery business, the Greenhaus. At this stage trees are being planted in the Rangitikei and Feilding areas.

The first tree that Trees for Homes planted

The first Trees for Homes tree being planted at Moawhango